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Free Downloads and Items for Purchase

Here you can find materials related to empowerment. This includes free book downloads in .pdf format as well as printed books for purchase. We also have a free download of our Empowerment for Organizations PowerPoint slide deck. Once you're familiar with the concepts of empowerment presented on this site and in the books, you can use the slides to help explain them to your friends, colleagues, and others as long as you don't charge a fee for your presentation. We also plan to be offering more books and other materials in the future, so check back often to see what's new!

In order to enhance the security of your transaction we engage established, reputable third party vendors to handle all of our sales. When you click on a link below to purchase an item, you will be taken to their site to complete your transaction. You can then return here to continue shopping if you wish.

Each book is available in several formats:

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