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Empowerment Basics

We empower ourselves primarily by trying to see the world as it really is rather than through the filter of our own personal biases. Here we'll develop systematic techniques for identifying and correcting the invalid assumptions within our current paradigms to build an objective, truth centered paradigm - the empowerment paradigm.

Empowerment is a subject that is both broad and deep, so we can't cover it in depth on a web site. We'll provide an overview of Empowerment and the concepts that support it here, but if you want to learn about empowerment in depth, you can download free PDF books or purchase hard copy books here.


In the mean time, other sections of this site discuss how to apply empowerment to your organizations and yourself.

  • Organizational Empowerment. This section of the site will describe how to structure and manage organizations interactively. Interactive management, originally developed by Dr. Russell Ackoff of the Wharton School, allows institutions and nations to benefit as fully as possible from the abilities and ideas of their members and other stakeholders. It also enables the stakeholders to share in the success of the organization. With everyone participating in management, planning, and development in one way or another, the organization can be its best. Everyone wins; both the stakeholders and the organization as a whole.

  • Empower Yourself. Here you can learn about empowering yourself and helping empower those around you. Empowering yourself will greatly improve your personal competence, happiness, and the quality of your relationships. If, after studying this section, you need additional help developing personal empowerment then please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to speak with you.

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